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What's New

The changing face of policy making (repeat)
Disciplined Democracy
WISE (Women in Self Development) appeal
CCSD activities report for 2006-07
New mugshots on the contacts page
Everybody Wins - an exploration of conflict resolution - sister site
The Vanguard for Social Change
Bigger, Better, Bolder: Social enterprise solutions for Scotland
The Case for Building Societies
The History of Building Societies in the UK
The role of co-operatives in poverty alleviation
Guidelines for Cooperative Legislation
Cooperatives at Work
A New Look at Cooperatives and Their Role in Developing Countries
The Social Mission of Farm Cooperatives in the US
European Union Definition and Statement on the Importance of Social Economy Enterprises
The Future of Social Enterprise in the UK
What are the future scenarios for social enterprise?
Social Business Entrepreneurs Are the Solution
Social Glue - The importance of bonding and bridging social capital for social enterprises.
Support to Women's Productive and Income-Generating Activities
Beware of the man with the Big Plan
Three Lessons from Kerala's Experience in Poverty Alleviation
Controlling Capital for the Public Good through an Alternative Investment Treaty
Caledonia Briefings on Land Reform in Scotland
Eye of the Hurricane: Milton Friedman and the Global South
Forget the IMF, all real money is local
Power to the People - How much do we really value community empowerment in Scotland
False Dawn -The Delusions of Global Capitalism
Globalization - the facts
Owners of the world, listen to these rebels
Hegemony and Empire
Forward to the Past - Globalisation's long history
Vital Statistics - Mapping the widening UK gap between rich and poor
Our Hidden Shame
Fears of the Leviathan
Helpful Global Nabuurs
Who and Where are the Poor?
Women and Urban Credit in Sri Lanka
Scotland's murderous heart
From Clients to Citizens: Asset-Based Community Development as a Strategy For Community- Driven Development
The Women's Bank - Sri Lanka
Thandi blazes trail for cooperative land reform model
A tale of two ecovillages
The Sri Lanka Women's Development Services Cooperative Society Ltd
Our mutual friends
Working Principles for Enhancing Africa's Cooperative Economy
Thinking beyond the private sector - Mondragon Cooperative Group
Italian Social Cooperatives
The Cargo Cult Alive and Well in the Scottish Highlands
Cooperativization as Alternative to Globalizing Capitalism
Cooperatives, Growth, Poverty Reduction and Community Well-being
The Centre's Annual Report for 2004
Cooperatives and Fair-Trade
Hegemony  I'm with Wolfowitz
Alana Albee et al (2005) Decent Work and Poverty Reduction Strategies - A reference manual for ILO staff and constituents
Graham Boyd (2005) Organisational mechanisms that best serve the poor
Raiffeisen Cooperative Principles
The Role of Cooperatives in Globalisation
A plain language guide to the Social Economy
Hegemony The changing face of policy making
Towards a Better Understanding of Social Entrepreneurship
User Participation in Research
Personal Characteristics of Social Mobilisers
Self-help Organisation Capacity Building - A three stage model
Hegemony  History Debunks the Free Trade Myth
Participatory Strategic Planning for Community Enterprises
Flat Broke: Will work for food
Fair Trade - A Cooperative Revolution
Development Co-operation: How Cooperatives Cope - A survey of major cooperative development agencies
Revival of the Cooperative Idea
Cooperatives and Development - Action speaks louder than words
Following the trail of a new animal (LLP)
Statement of Cooperative Identity
For and Against the Community Interest Company
Entrepreneurs or Banks?
Cooperative Centenary in India
It's a Fair Co-op
Hegemony - Why a World Social Forum?
Strategies of Development-oriented NGOs: Four Generations
Hegemony - A Fair Globalisation - Creating Opportunities for All
Hegemony - How Globalisation Makes us Poor and Powerless
Time to Reform IPS Legislation
Member-Owners - A Guide to Societies based on the principle of Mutuality
Labour-sponsored Solidarity Funds in Quebec are generating jobs
Mutual Aid - The Evolution of Friendly Societies in Britain
An Agenda for Progressive Globalisation
Guidelines aimed at creating a supportive environment for the development of cooperatives UN Economic and Social Council 2001
Cooperatives in Social Development - Resolution No 56/114 adopted by the United Nations in 2001
hegemony - Toward a Globalisation with a more human face
hegemony - Globalisation and Popular Resistance
hegemony - Whatever happened to the dream of social justice?
Credit Union Governance - Unique Challenges
PEARLS - Tool for Financial Stabilisation, Monitoring and Evaluation
The Role of Co-operatives in Enterprise Development
Support to Community Development Financial Institutions in the United States of America
Search for the Social Formula
Making sure more is better
The Financing of Social Enterprises: A special report by the Bank of England - seen from Oz
The Financing of Social Enterprises in the UK - Bank of England
Ownership Matters - New Mutual Business Models
Poverty Reduction through Self-help - Rediscovering the Cooperative Advantage
Social Banking to Meet Needs of the Poor - Sri Lanka
Promotion of Cooperatives Recommendation (2002) ILO
Participatory Budgets - A Tool for Participatory Democracy (Brazil)
Globalisation - Friend or Foe? - John Pearce
Popularisation of policy - a participatory approach in Tanzania - a PowerPoint presentation with cartoons
New Localism Mutualising The State -
How local communities can run public services
New Localism The Future of PPP - Public-Private Partnerships
New Localism  Local Control, Local Solutions
Community Enterprise Companies
Commonweal Papers - common property management (sister site)
Doing it Differently - networks of community agents (sister site)
New Localism Whose Interest?
New Localism Ceding Power
New Localism Community Action
New Localism - Private Action, Public Benefit
New newsfeed on development
Finding mental space for movement
Measuring Poverty Reduction - plain language guide to Tanzania's Poverty Monitoring Master Plan
Bouncing back - grassroots responses to the Tanzanian PRSP
Popularising policy and influencing change (Tanzania style)
Hegemony and the hidden persuaders - the power of un-common sense
Organisation of the poor (Sri Lanka Style)
Community Organising (Phillipines style)
Four Clusters of Political Attitude
Socio-economic factors leading to the emergence of modern capitalism in the West
Capitalism calling
Hands around the globe - the dynamics of credit unions
The Mission, Beliefs and Operating Principles of Credit Unions
A Short Note on Participatory Research
The Social Dimensions of Culture
What is Social Capital? A Brief Literature Overview
Rebel against the forced sickness of capitalism
Guiding Principles for Community Planning
About Dot Coop

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In distrust of movements
PIDA and Its Vision of Development
Stimulation of Self-reliant Initiatives by Sensitised Agents
Is Community Involvement a Waste of Time?
Globalisation and pro-poor business plans
Investing in Society
Approaches to learning support – sooper v plod
Exciting new links to the Social and Cooperative Economy
Regularly updated motivational quotes
How to Popularise Policy – the 4D approach
Add your views to the international PRSP review process
Guidelines for a Poverty Focused Community Assistance Service (Kenya)
Five Good Reasons for Co-operatives
Easy PRSP - plain language guide to Tanzania's PRSP
Debt relief and the Poverty Reduction Strategy Papers (PRSP)
Making Globalisation Work for the Poor - selected extracts from DFID's second white paper
Institute for Social and Humanistic Initiatives (ISHI). An NGO in Archangelsk, Northern Russia
The Seven Pillars of Mutualism
Estonian Movement of Villages and Small Towns
Health and hygiene project in Kyrgyzstan
Local NGO Capacity-Building Programme in the Kyrgyz Republic
Community-led Enterprise - setting the wheel in motion
SCF – an open, transparent and non-coercive vehicle for popular colloquium
Three short papers covering the basics of strategic proactive networking SPANning.
Comparison between Six of the Basic Co-operative Principles and their Social Economy Equivalents
Participatory Reflection and Action Methods
Human Rights for poor People – who decides?
DFID Consultation Papers International Development Targets
Strategies of Development-oriented NGOs
Husky Volunteers for Social Care
Village Appraisal - is this a case of elegant power?
16 Tenets of Participatory Action Research
The Voluntary and the Unvoluntary Sectors
Community-led Organisations - the why and the how Ideas from North East Scotland's rural areas. (now with UPDATE)
Social Auditing in the UK
Something worth stealing: the concept of community agents
Community Enterprises and LETS as another way of enabling the urban social economy sector



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