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An Agenda for Progressive Globalisation

Michael Jacobs, Adam Lent and Kevin Watkins
Progressive Globalisation: Towards an international social democracy
Fabian Society, September 2003

In this pamphlet the authors argue that globalisation, as it is currently conceived and operated is producing increasing economic inequality, exploitation and instability. This is viewed as having serious political implications which threaten the security and future of the world. However, they do not believe this is an automatic product of globalisation but the results of the particular brand of free market globalisation which is being imposed by an elite group of free market ideologues, the key institutions of economic governance (International Monetary Fund, World Bank Group and the World Trade Organisation), self-interested rich nation governments and their associated transnational business corporations.

The authors view the concept of globalisation as a positive phenomenon which holds out new opportunities for human co-operation, peace, shared wealth and social solidarity. Towards this end they advance the concept of progressive globalisation and an agenda that seeks to strike a balance between commercial self-interest and the ideals of equality and social and environmental justice. The pamphlet's inspiration and sources of many of the ingredients for both the concept and the agenda draw heavily upon social democratic principles and policies that re-shaped Western Europe after 1945.

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