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Countervailing power and globalisation

This section offers articles and information dealing with forces that stand against the sometimes exploitative and unjust practices of the 'establishment' and corporate elites at local, national and international levels.

We go beyond the current, narrow, official view of globalisation as the free movement of capital, deregulation of trade, privatisation, restriction on patents and intellectual property.  We offer more wide ranging, holistic and diverse perspectives grounded in the concept of elegant power and its countervailance.

George Clark, 2008 Everybody Wins - an exploration of conflict resolution - sister site
George Clark, 2007 The Vanguard for Social Change
New Internationalist and Tony Clarke, 2001 Controlling Capital for the Public Good through an Alternative Investment Treaty
Walden Bello (2006) Eye of the Hurricane: Milton Friedman and the Global South
Hazel Henderson (2006) Forget the IMF, all real money is local
Stephen Maxwell (2005) Power to the People - How much do we really value community empowerment in Scotland
John Gray (2002) False Dawn -The Delusions of Global Capitalism
New Internationalist (1998) Globalization - the facts


Candido Grzybowski (2006) Owners of the world, listen to these rebels
Naill Ferguson (2004) Hegemony and Empire
Francis Wheen (2004) Forward to the Past - Globalisation's long history
Francoise Lieberherr (2003) Participatory Budgets - A Tool for Participatory Democracy
George Clark (2002) Capitalism Calling
George Clark (2002) Four Clusters of Political Attitude
Thierry Verhelst The Social Dimensions of Culture


DFID Making Globalisation Work for the Poor
John Pearce (2002) Globalisation - Friend or Foe?
Ha-Joon Chang (2002) History Debunks the Free Trade Myth
WCSDG (2004) A Fair Globalisation - creating opportunities for all
George Clark (2002) Socio-economic factors leading to the emergence of modern capitalism in the west
Wendell Berry (2000) In Distrust of Movements
Noam Chomsky (2002) Why a World Social Forum?


George Monbiot (2005) I'm with Wolfowitz
Richard Osborne (1992) Finding mental space for movement
George Clark (2002) Hegemony and the hidden persuaders - the power of uncommon sense
Gerry Hassan (2003) Whatever happened to the dream of social justice?
Susan George (1999) How Globalisation Makes us Poor and Powerless
George Clark (2001) Globalisation and pro-poor business plans
Michael Jacobs et al (2003) An Agenda for Progressive Globalisation


G V S DeSilva (1986) PIDA and Its Vision of Development
PHILDHRRA Community Organising
Sirisena Tilakaratna (1991) Stimulation of Self-reliant Initiatives by Sensitised Agents
Joseph Stiglitz Toward a Globalisation with a more human face
Sirisena Tilakaratna Organisation of the Poor
George Clark (2002) Rebel against the forced sickness of capitalism
Issa G. Shivji (2002) Globalisation and Popular Resistance


See Also -  
Betsy Bowman & Bob Stone (2004) Cooperativization as Alternative to Globalizing Capitalism
Joseph Stiglitz (2004) The Role of Cooperatives in Globalisation
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