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Poverty Reduction

This section offers articles and information dealing with procedures for reducing if not eradicating poverty. There is an emphasis on issues related to the dominant development discourse - in particular Poverty Reduction Strategies (PRS) and their emphasis on patterns of economic growth.

William Easterly (2005) Beware of the man with the Big Plan
K P Kannan Three Lessons from Kerala's Experience in Poverty Alleviation
Mary O'Hara (2006) Vital Statistics - Mapping the widening UK gap between rich and poor
Fraser Nelson (2006) Our Hidden Shame
Malcolm Dean (2005) Fears of the Leviathan
Jeffrey Sachs (2005) Who and Where are the Poor?


ILO (2005) Decent Work and Poverty Reduction Strategies -
A reference manual for ILO staff and constituents
Sharon Hays Flat Broke: Will work for food
David G Green (1993) Mutual Aid - The Evolution of Friendly Societies in Britain
Irvine Welsh (2005) Scotland's murderous heart
Bread for the World Poverty Reduction Strategy Papers
World Bank and IMF Public Participation in Review of PRSP (2001)
Bretton Woods Project On-line debate: WDR on Poverty 2000/01
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