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Self and participatory development

This section offers articles and information dealing with the capacity and resourcefulness of individuals and groups to be the agents of their own development without domination by professionals and elite groups.

George Clark (2008 Disciplined Democracy
Alison Mathie, Gord Cunningham, January 2002 From Clients to Citizens: Asset-Based Community Development as a Strategy For Community- Driven Development
Graham Boyd (2000) Village Appraisal - Is this a Case of Elegant Power?
George Clark Change Agents (1) - some one-pagers
George Clark

Change Agents (2) - reflections on practice

Various Community Agents
Graham Boyd (2001) Poverty Focused Community Assistance Service
David C Korten (1990) Strategies of Development-oriented NGOs: Four Generations


George Clark (2000) Husky Volunteers for Social Care
LEADER II Community Agents emerging in the EU
Graham Boyd (2004) Personal Characteristics of Social Mobilisers
David C Korten (1990) Strategies of Development-oriented NGOs: Four Generations
Robin McTaggart (1989) 16 Tenets of Participatory Action Research
Alana Albee Assessing Impact: some current and key issues
IIED (1994) Participatory Reflection and Action Methods


Peter Taylor (2004) User Participation in Research
Nick Wates (2000) Guiding Principles for Community Planning
Sirisena Tilakaratna (1990) A Short Note on Participatory Research
Graham Boyd (2004) Self-help Organisation Capacity Building - A three stage model
Graham Hobbs (2000) What is Social Capital?
various Community Agent as Social Activist
George Clark Social Auditing – feedback control for organisations


George Clark (2001) Approaches to learning support - sooper v plod
George Clark (2000) Strategic Proactive Networking - Spanning
George Clark (2000) Knitting the tie that binds
Albee/ Boyd (1997) Networking Strategies
Albee/ Boyd (1995) Something worth stealing: the concept of community agents
Mike Waite (2001) Is Community Involvement a Waste of Time?
George Clark (2000) Scottish Civic Forum – an open, transparent and non-coercive vehicle for popular colloquium


See Also -  
George Clark The Voluntary and the Unvoluntary Sectors
George Clark (1999) Community-led Organisations - Why and How?


Sister sites -  
Community Economic Development (CED)
A Staff Training program for the required Attitude, Skills and Knowledge (ASK)
from The Banffshire Partnership Ltd Access* Project
*Advancing Community Capacity for Enterprise Sustainability and Support
Training of trainers - the training business and its processes with notes on the five design aspects of workshop organisation and with options and examples of training methods from the Caledonia Centre for Social Development in association with the Out of School Care Federation in the Highlands and Islands of Scotland

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