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Strategic Proactive Networking

It helps if you know what other significant people are thinking and doing and if they know what you are thinking and doing. It therefore makes sense that you should  be systematic in ensuring that this mutual knowing takes place.

bulletNetworking is the process of increasing your number of connections
bulletProactive Networking means seeking/arranging opportunities to network
bulletStrategic Proactive Networking involves deliberately targeting key individuals or groups

The three papers in this section explore the concept of networking in general and strategic proactive networking (the gutsy variety) in particular.

The Nuts and Bolts of Networking George Clark (June 2000)
Knitting the tie that binds - a brief introduction to Strategic Proactive networking George Clark (June 2000)
Networking Strategies A Albee & G Boyd

The Nuts and Bolts of Networking

GG Clark clark@srds.co.uk (June 2000)

This worksheet was first used at the Eigg Land Reform Forum   (17-18 June 2000) and the assistance in its preparation of Drennan Watson of LandWise Scotland  is greatfully acknowledged.

The following lists should not be seen as definitive but rather as jumping off points for discussion of the possible structure, functions and evolution of ‘networking’ groups.

What can Networks do?

How do Networks begin and develop?

How do Networks stay alive?

What can Networks do?

Provide mutual support for lifelong and experience-based learning

bulletExchange information and views internally and/or externally eg by mailing information, newsletters, listserves, websites etc and thus enhancing mutual learning between members.
bulletExchange skills and learning
bulletGive mutual support and so build confidence

Negotiate and articulate a shared vision

bulletDevelop network-wide ideas, analysis, vision and strategy.
bulletDevelop a sense of common purpose

Be a advocacy and/or lobbying body

bulletWork jointly on campaigns to mobilise support and influence policy
bulletCarry out concerted actions or advocacy
bulletRepresent and area or interest group in consultation or partnership

Integrate and co-ordinate the work of smaller groups

bulletCo-ordinate work in one district or area to avoid unnecessary duplication
bulletHelp minority groups relate to each other without losing their identities

Grow, develop, change, die

bulletOutreach to new members or groups on an ever-widening level – local, regional, national, international.
bulletDisband or reform in response to the changing environment

How do Networks begin and develop?

bulletAn initial individual or group identifies the issues for which they would like to have support, mutual learning, etc or on which they would like to expand work
bulletGroup members think of other individuals or groups who may want to join and then engage in Strategic Proactive Networking (SPANning). New members are asked to think of newer members and so on. Physical maps are drawn to focus attention on networking possibilities.
bulletDraft policy/mission statements are prepared at an early stage and used for PR leaflets etc. Action/Business plans are developed, agreed upon, and form the basis of ongoing action.
bulletBuild or shrink the network to the scale appropriate to the task in hand. In some cases it may be best to form splinter networks for special themes or tasks.
bulletLet the young ones take off on their own, and shut up the shop should the need arise.

How do Networks stay alive?

bulletHold effective and action oriented meetings
bulletOrganise training workshops/ conferences
bulletArrange for exchange visits and placements
bulletOrganise informal social occasions and celebrations
bulletMake best use of the internet both for communication between members and to publicise network efforts to the wider world – email lists, listbots, web sites, discussion groups, online conferences etc (with snail mail options for those who are not internet connected)



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