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It's a Fair Co-op

Source: International Development Magazine, Issue 25, 2004 www.developments.org.uk

(More on Fair Trade)

One of the leading players in the rise of fair trade in the UK has been the Cooperative Movement which recently signed a Strategic Grant Agreement (SGA) with DFID. Through the support of its members, the Movement believes it can play a greater role in international development and the agreement with DFID will focus on providing extra resources to develop its capacity.

The agreement is aimed at: enabling the Co-op Movement to become more aware of the international development agenda and the Millennium Development Goals (MDCs); improving information sharing between the Co-op Movement and other development players and the global cooperative movement; and boosting the Movement's ability to deliver help to southern cooperatives, including influencing international cooperative development agencies such as the ICA, EU, ILO, FAO, etc and governments.

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