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How to Popularise Policy
– the 4D approach

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by George G Clark, 2001
With Emmanuel Kallonga
of Hakikazi Catalyst
While preparing 'Tanzania without Poverty'
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This model was developed while producing Tanzania without Poverty, the easy language guide to Tanzania's Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper PRSP.

design     digest      disseminate     develop

Design the Policy

bulletA nation-wide consultation process is organised. It asks a broad and representative range of individuals and groups to reflect on experience and prioritise their claims, concerns and issues.
bulletUsing statistics, research findings and the results of the consultations a technical committee draws up a policy document which includes specific targets with activities and indicators that can be used for monitoring.

design     digest      disseminate     develop

Digest the Policy

bulletOfficial policy documents are written to please many different interest groups and the ideas are often justified by statistics. In their original form they are therefore often thick and difficult to understand.
bulletThe policy documents are translated into plain language so that ordinary people can understand them and therefore discuss them in an informed and meaningful way.

design     digest      disseminate     develop

Disseminate the Policy

bulletThe goal is to make plain language information about the policies available to as many people as possible. They cannot participate if they do not know.
bulletThe messages can be written but they can also be spoken, sung and/or acted either live or on radio and television. It is also true that a good picture (cartoon) is worth a thousand words.
bulletWays are found to make sure that the information reaches all people in all parts of the country. Materials are channelled through existing organisations which have many branch offices.

design     digest      disseminate     develop

Develop the Policy

bulletLocal level discussion groups are formed when the policy first appears so that the local implications can be worked out and action plans can be designed. (Putting flesh on the bones)
bulletInformation, training and support are supplied to groups that need it.
bulletThe local level discussion groups meet regularly to review progress on the action plans and to make changes where necessary. (Monitoring and evaluation)
bulletWhere it seems useful records of discussions are used as feedback to the appropriate central policy makers who are easy to identify.
bulletThis is how ordinary people help to develop policy at local and national levels.

design     digest      disseminate     develop

The feedback process means that

local developments help to design national policy



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