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The role of co-operatives in poverty alleviation

Johnston Birchall, Stirling University, Scotland

A presentation to the ICA Regional Conference on the role of co-operatives in poverty alleviation in Asia (Hanoi, Vietnam, March 2006)

For the PowerPoint presentation as a 141Kb pdf file click HERE

The presentation had two aims:

1. to summarise the arguments for co-operatives and poverty reduction in the two books:

bulletRediscovering the Co-operative Advantage: Poverty Reduction through Self-help; (ILO, 2003), and
bulletCooperatives and the Millennium Development Goals (ILO, 2004)

2. to explore the potential of co-operatives in helping people to escape from poverty traps drawing on the work of Stephen Smith (2005) Ending Global Poverty: a guide to what works, New York: Palgrave Macmillan



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