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Summary of the Centre's 2004 Activities

April 2005
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bulletCo-Govern Project: An Africa - Europe Exchange on Common Property Rights
bulletCommon Property Rights - Commonweal of Scotland Project
bulletWeb Publishing
bulletWho Owns Scotland Project
bulletLand Rights Programme
bulletResponses to Government and International Consultations
bulletTechnical Cooperation Partnerships (Tanzania)
bulletOther Caledonia-related Activities and Assignments


The Caledonia Centre for Social Development is a small virtual NGO based in Scotland. Membership is drawn from those actively working in the field of social development. The activities of the Centre are focussed on a limited number of programmes and projects agreed by the Board of Directors. The Centre has no paid staff and its activities are all carried out voluntarily or as part of the self-employed business of its members. During 2004, members financial tithes to the Centre amounted to 1,385 while labour tithes amounted to 102 days. Labour tithes were donated to the following activities: Who Owns Scotland project - 38 days; Web-publishing and management - 40 days; peer review, consultations and project development - 24 days.

Printer friendly versions - 46Kb doc32Kb pdf

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