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The Centre provides an international network for information, research, technical services and training in social development

It is a small, lean and virtual non profit distributing Section 30 Company registered in Scotland


bulletAims and Objectives
bulletServices Provided
bulletServices for members
bulletContractual services
bulletActivities in 2002
bulletActivities in 2003
bulletActivities in 2004
bulletActivities in 2005
bulletActivities in 2006-07
bulletGiving solidarity loans
bulletCharity Bank
bulletShared Interest

Aims and Objectives:

The Centre exists to help eliminate poverty. It views social development as the process of building a more equitable system of political economy grounded in the principles of social justice and asset democracy. It uses the Internet to promote popular education and to build social solidarity.

The primary objectives of the Centre are:

bulletthe relief of poverty through the provision of education and skills training for the rural and urban poor in Scotland and abroad.
bulletthe relief of poverty through fund-raising and the provision of social solidarity loans.  Loans are channelled through a limited number of social investment institutions and joint ventures.
bulletthe relief of poverty and the advancement of the education of the public by conducting, or promoting research into the causes of poverty, the means whereby they can be eliminated and developing public knowledge and understanding of the plight that the poor find themselves in and to disseminate the results of such research.

Services Provided:

Services for members

bulletsocial development information
bulleta forum for discussion
bulletmeans of disseminating grey literature
bulletmeans of linking with other practitioners

Contractual services

The Centre's areas of expertise are in:


policy analysis and strategic programming


knowledge sifting and communication


partnership coordination and facilitation


institutional design (including strategic reviews and guidance on legal structures)


organisational capacity building and participatory development, and


project cycle management (formulation, implementation, monitoring and evaluation).

The Centre's current and ongoing interests include:

bulletthe social and cooperative economy
bulletpopularisation of national policy documents in particular country poverty reduction plans
bulletbuilding organisations of the poor through developing community-to-community extension services in which groups of socially active poor people act as the agents of their own development processes;
bulletresearch and advocacy work on land reform, social land ownership, common property rights, and public land information systems


Giving solidarity loans

To achieve the Centre's objective of supporting the growth and development of the Cooperative and Social Economy Sector, we dedicate about a third of annual surplus income as interest-free, reusable loans.

These are channelled through Charity Bank and Shared Interest


Charity Bank
is the first of its kind:

a charity that can accept deposits that earn social as well as financial returns, and a not-for-profit bank whose sole business is providing affordable finance for charitable work.

It gives all of us the opportunity to invest in charity, rather than just for the benefit of business or self-interest.


Shared Interest is a shareholder cooperative providing finance for fair trade using investments of UK members to provide much needed trade credit to fair trade organisations all over the world.

Shared Interest started in 1990 and currently has around 8,500 members with investments totalling over 20 million. Trade credit enables producers to receive pre-finance on fair trade and commercial orders, facilitating production and sales. In turn, we provide credit facilities for buyers enabling them to develop trading relationships with producer organisations.

Shared Interest -
Finance for fair trade www.shared-interest.com

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 Caledonia Centre for Social Development

Company No. 192099   
Scottish Charity No. SC 028485


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Campaigning for a world without poverty

general information and comment:

webmaster: clark@srds.co.uk

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