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This section offers a selection of briefing papers on land reform in general

For the full set of Caledonia Briefings on
Land Reform in Scotland -
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Economist 2006 Of Property and Poverty  
CCSD 2003

Community Right to Buy Consultation

Patricia Ann Mallaby 2005 UK Women's Land Rights Petition to the European Union Women's Land Reform Group
    Summary of Land Reform Acts of the Scottish Parliament - 1999 to 2003  
West Highland Free Press 2001 Land fund will help make community dreams reality  
Roger Hutchinson 2001 Land reform: Dangers in the vacuum of political debate West Highland Free Press
David Hencke and Rob Evans 2005 Royals must reveal EU subsidies Guardian
D. Macmillan, K. Thomson and B. Slee 2001 Land Reform in Scotland  
Peter Gibb 2002 Buying Back Scotland Geophilos
WHFP 2001 Land Reform Bill: Barriers to buy-outs are removed  
Guardian 2005 UK Agricultural Subsidies  


Bill Ritchie and Mandy Haggith 2004 The Push-Me-Pull-You of Forest Devolution in Scotland  
John Bryden, and Charles Geisler 2004 Community Based Land Reform: Lessons from Scotland  
Land & liberty 2002 Women suffer divorce inequality over land  
J. M. Macdiarmid 1926

The Deer Forests - and how they are bleeding Scotland white

Scottish Home Rule Association
Charles Warren 2000 Scottish land reform: the first act ECOS
Charles Warren 1999

Scottish Land Reform: Time To Get Lairds A-Leaping? 

  2004 Land: Commodity or Human Right?  


Christopher Gasson 2002 Who Owns Britain  
Colin Ward 2001 Is Our Land Theirs?  
Labour Research 1979 Who Does Own Britain Today? - Land Ownership in the 1970s  
Richard Leonard 1989 Who Owns Mid-Scotland and Fife?  
Andy Wightman Dec 2001 Land Reform (Scotland) Bill - Written Evidence to the Justice 2 Committee of the Scottish Parliament ccsd
  Sep 1998 Land Reform in Scotland and the Multilateral Agreement on Investment wwf scotland
Graham Boyd Dec 2003 'What Evidence' said the one-eyed public policy maker? - A Brief Review of Recent Community Land Ownership Trends in Scotland



  2003 Briefing on Access Rights Ramblers Association
Donald Dewar 1999 First Legislative Programme of the Scottish Parliament  
Alistair Cant 2002 Whither Land Reform? SWLG
Alison Hardie 2003 Call for new urban area 'right to buy' The Scotsman
James Hunter 1997 Progressing Community Ownership and Promoting New Types of Rural Settlement  
HIE 2001 Response to "Land Reform: The Draft Bill" Highlands and Islands Enterprise
CCSD 2001 CCSD Response to the Draft Land Reform Bill  


  2001 Briefing on Draft Access Bill The Ramblers Association
  2000 White Paper on Land Reform - comment SLRC
Peter Gibb 2000 The Second Clearances Land Reform Scotland
Pauline Cameron 2000 New Opportunities Fund - Scottish Land Fund NOF


Ed Iglehart 1999 Territory, Property, Sovereignty & Democracy in Scotland A Brief Philosophical Examination  
John Digney 1999 Giving the Land Away - the Final Solution Land Reform Scotland
Graham Boyd 1998 A Response to the Land Reform Policy Group's  'Identifying the Solutions' (Orange Paper) of September 1998 The Caledonia Centre for Social Development
Graham Boyd 1999 The Prince the Merchant and the Citizen - the need for a strategic approach to the Social Land Ownership Sector The Caledonia Centre for Social Development
Graham Boyd 1999 Land reform and the failure of government: lessons from Scottish civil society The Caledonia Centre for Social Development