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Reading the land

In this section we either provide or point to the source of some key readings on land.

Articles & Papers

Book Reviews & Previews

Articles & Papers

Jim Bennett 2006 Reflections on The Battle of Holmehill  
Stuart Nicolson 2005 Gipsies demand for land-grab law sparks fury  
Brian Wilson MP 2002 Game, set and match to the people  
Simon Fraser 2001 Fragile communities which will be untouched by land reform  
West Highland Free Press 1999 Prepare for action, Wilson tells other communities  
West Highland Free Press 2001 Isles communities urged to become biggest landowners in Scotland  


Tony Carty and John Ferguson 1978 A Comparative Study of Land Purchase Standards in Scotland and Western Europe  
Jamie Carpenter 2005 The Battle to Buy - Community Buyouts  
Jeremy Watson 2005 Tally ho and two fingers to Holyrood  
West Highland Free Press 2001 Potential to right historic wrongs  
Iain Fraser Grigor 2004 Whose Loch?  
David Sellars 2003 Community Rights and Access to Land in Scotland  
Neal Ascherson 2002 the ‘Highland Luxemburgist’ faction  


John Murdoch 1882 The Highlander Newspaper  
Danus Skene 1976 Own the Land and Use It  
Torcuil Crichton 2003 Who owns Scotland?: A short-term answer  
Ruth Wishart 2004 They ask not what they can give but what they can take  
Torcuil Crichton and Andy Wightman 2004 Assynt Sale fuels tax-break row  
Alexander Mather 1999 The Moral Economy and Political Ecology of Land Ownership  
Perth and Kinross Fabian Society 1971 The Acreocracy of Perthshire: Who Owns Our Land?  


James D Young 1975 John Murdoch: A Land and Labour Pioneer  
Frank Thompson 1976 Land & The Highland Problem  
D W Crowley 1956 The Crofters' Party  
Jim Hunter 2001 HIE Chairman Speaks out on Land Reform  
Tony Gosling 2003 Promised Land - Returning Land to It's Rightful Owners  
Danus Skene 1976 SLP Rural Land Policy - A Discussion Paper SLP
Matt Ridley 1999 Why the Highlands need the lairds' helping hand Daily Telegraph


Rob Gibson 1978 It's Scotland's Soil Crann-tara
T M Devine 1999 Land, Elites and People  
George Monbiot 1996 Seize It Back - Land Reform in Britain  
    Land is Social Wealth  
John Bryden and Keith Hart 2000 Land reform, planning and people: an issue of stewardship  
Drennan Watson 1996 What IF Land: Some general points on the benefits of small scale land owning  
Lesley Riddoch 1997 Assynt, Eigg and other local heroes New Statesman


Andy Wightman 1999 Scottish Land Reform and the fashionable notion of 'community' The Scotsman
Duke of Buccleuch 2003 Scottish 'land reform' is just shameless legalised theft Daily Telegraph
Lizette Alvarez 2003 Land Reforms in Scotland Give Big Estates the Jitters New York Times
Scottish Wildland News 2004 Who Owns Scotland?  
Alastair McIntosh 2001 Land Reform and the Pavarotti Effect  
Free Church of Scotland 1997 The Land Problem - Public Questions, Religion and Morals Report  
Jim Hunter 1998 Grasping the Nettle of Land Reform whfp


Hugh Raven 1998 Land Reform: Pragmatism and Diversity  
Fred Harrison 2000 The Whoops! Theory of Poverty Geophilos
Simon Bilsborough 1995 A Hidden History - Communal Land Ownership in Britain Ecos
Triodos 2003 Finance the Real Barrier to Radical Land Reform in Scotland  
    Access to Land, Rural Poverty, and Public Action book review
HIDB 1978 Proposals for changes in the Highlands and Islands Development (Scotland) Act 1965 to allow more effective powers over rural land use  
Brian Wilson MP 2000 Irreversible shift in public policy on land ownership whfp


West Highland Free Press 2000 Squatters' rights - Cuillin mountains  
Nick Kempe 2000 What Price Mountains? JMT
Ian Bell 2003 Whose Land Is It Anyway? Sunday Herald
James D Young 1976 Land, Labour and Homerule Journal of the Scottish Labour Party
Ian Carter 1972 The Highland Board and Strath Kildonan - The failure of a State Agency to implement Land Reform Catalyst Magazine
Gordon Clark 1981 Public Ownership of Land in Scotland Univ of Lancaster
Alison Elliot 2001 The Highest Ideals Church of Scotland


Frank W Rennie 1995 The Dingwall Agenda Ross & Cromarty District Council
Tom Johnston 1909/1999 Our Scots Noble Families - a general indictment Forward Publishing/ Argyll Publishing
Church of Scotland 1998 Land Tenure and Use Church & Nation Report
Bill Macaskill 1998 Criminal speaks up in the fight to change unfair land system West Highland Free Press
Jim Dickson 1996 Eigg experience demonstrates why land holds key to development West Highland Free Press
James Hunter 1997 Return of the natives Scotland on Sunday
Brian Wilson MP 1994 Recognising land as a vital part of our heritage West Highland Free Press
Alastair McIntosh 1998 Our land belongs to us The Big Issue (Scotland)


Robin Callander 1998 Still living under feudalism Scotland on Sunday
Lord Robert Mercer-Nairne 1998 The cornerstone of any land reform package Scotsman
Andy Wightman 1997 Do we want Scotland's finest landscapes controlled by a benign dictatorship? Scotland on Sunday
George Monbiot 1997 Land rights - a call to arms Reforesting Scotland
Graham Boyd 1998 Tweeds, drams amd Ponies: bulldozing the sporting estate image from benevolent rural institution to modern commercial business Caledonia Centre for Social Development
Graham Boyd 1999 The prince, the merchant and the citizen: the need for a strategic approach to the social land ownership sector Caledonia Centre for Social Development

Book Reviews & Previews

Christopher Gasson 2002 Who Owns Britain (on Kevin Cahill) book review
Colin Ward 2002 Is Our Land Theirs? (on Kevin Cahill) book review
Andy Wightman 1999 Scotland - Land and Power: The Agenda for Land Reform book review
John MacAskill 1999 We Have Won the Land book review
Camilla Toulmin and Jullian Quan 2000 Land Rights in Africa book preview
Edited by Alain de Janvry, Gustavo Gordillo, Jean-Phillippe Platteau and Elisabeth Sadoulet 2001 Access to Land, Rural Poverty, and Public Action book review