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PLAAS (2005) Questioning the mythologies of Hernando de Soto
The Economist (2006) China - Fat of the Land but only for a select few
Seth R. DeLong Chavez's Agrarian Land Reform: More like Lincoln than Lenin
Paulo A Paranagua Chávez launches farm offensive
Tanzania Wildlife Working Group A Plain Language Guide to the United Republic of Tanzania’s Land, Forest and Wildlife Laws and Policies
Robin Palmer Kenya Land Alliance having a difficult time
International Development Review Property Rights and Poverty Alleviation in Central and Eastern Europe


Dr J A Carty Methods of Compulsory Purchase of Land in Europe
  Background Notes to FANSHEN - land reform in China
Rosemary Okello Men's Property - Why East African Women have No Land Rights
Peter Rosset The Good, the Bad and the Ugly - World Bank Policy on Land
ELDIS (off site) Linking land and property rights to poverty
Robin Palmer Farm Equity Schemes in South Africa
George Monbiot Land Troubles - Reason why Mugabe is not a demon
  The Pan-African Programme on Land and Resource Rights


Robin Callander The Forest of Birse Commonty
Anders Andersen The Land Tenure System in Norway
  Norway: The Land Act
Patrick Duffy Southern Ireland
Jane Rosegrant Seeking a Better Life for the Children - Rural Resettlement Ireland
Toulmin & Quan Land Rights in Africa   (Book Review)
David Anderson Mugabe Is Right About Land Reform


Toulmin & Pepper Land Reform North and South
Govt. of South Africa The Communal Property Association Act of the Republic of South Africa
FAO Contemporary thinking on land reform
Robin Harper MSP Land Links (to Brazil)
  Land Reform in South Africa
Ramesh Khadna Claiming the Land: Grassroots Advocacy in Nepal
Dr Jose Negrao The Mozambican Land Campaign, 1997-1999