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New Opportunities Fund – Scottish Land Fund

Briefing to Scottish Land Reform Convention

By Pauline Cameron, Head of Scotland Office, 24 March 2000

bulletAward Partner
bulletScotland NOF Office


bulletGreen Spaces and Sustainable Communities Programme11.5% allocation to Scotland. 75% (10.78 million) for community acquisition of land in rural Scotland
bulletUse award partner to deliver grant management and assessment of programme
bulletDelegated decision making to Scottish Land Fund Committee (sub-committee of NOF Board)
bulletFunding to be allocated to award partner by end 2002
bulletAward partner contract to last until 2007


bulletComplement legislation (including crofting provisions) but not restricted to funding projects where community power to purchase is exercised
bulletCommunity land purchase and management as a package
bulletManagement of land in partnership with agencies (on an equal partner or tenancy basis)
bulletManagement costs: capacity building in community business skills, land management, income generation projects
bulletContribution towards land acquisition costs
bulletContribution towards feasibility studies in assessing a proposal
bulletFeasibility study costs: land valuation, economic/environmental assessment


bulletCommunities: who live and work on or near land which they are interested in purchasing/managing. Not about access to land for visitors to area. Communities can be defined geographically by parish, ward, community council area etc
bulletGenuine community involvement: reasonable representation/ interest of the community on partnership/ applicant body. Rigorous checks that more than tokenism
bulletRural: follow legislative definition, but will allow for case to be made by applicant


bulletNot-for-profit community based organisations/ business/ trust; include public/private sector agencies as partners
bulletAdditional income levered in by project (eg leasing through increased land value) must be reinvested into activities for which the project was originally intended (eg community development)
bulletApplications from communities and/or organisations which will contribute to the sustainability of rural communities in fragile areas > population retention, increased skills base
bulletDemonstrate balance between environmental and socio-economic benefits

Award Partner

bulletContracted out grant management for open application grant scheme:
bulletApplication request: dedicated NOF phone line, postal address: retain NOF identity
bulletPromoting programme to target communities
bulletRecommendations to NOF sub-committee
bulletCompliance monitoring and evaluation
bulletAppointment by NOF Board: chaired by Scotland Board member
bulletRange of expertise/ skills: community land management, grant management, community development, range of sectors, geographic spread, land reform legislation, crofting issues etc
bulletResponsible for strategic direction of programme
bulletResponsible for decision making on all grants from the fund
bulletFormal procedures for dealing with conflicts of interest

Scotland NOF Office

bulletGSSC Case Manager
bulletManagement of contracts
bulletSupport award partner in servicing of sub-committee
bulletM&E programme delivery
bulletEnsure adequate ongoing consultation with stakeholders


bullet31 March 2000 deadline date for submission of expressions of interest in becoming the award partner
bulletApril 2000: Board approval of 8 shortlisted candidates for Scottish Land Fund Committee
bulletMay 2000: first Scottish Land Fund Committee meeting
bulletSummer: successful award partner notified and asked to progress to stage 2 to develop bids in more detail
bulletAutumn 2000: contract approved by Scottish Land Fund Committee and launch of award partner scheme