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Social Land Ownership


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Here we list web sites which contain useful information concerning social landownership.

The list is far from complete.

Please get in touch if you know of other sites that might be included.

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The Caledonia Centre for Social Development - Land Programme - Director, Andy Wightman
The Caledonia Centre for Social Development - Social Land Ownership Case Studies - Convener, Graham Boyd
The Caledonia Centre for Social Development - Convener, George Clark
Community Woodlands Association
Scottish Community Land Network
World Bank's Land Policy Network
Community Land Trusts - capturing value for communities
The Land Trust Alliance seeks to double the pace of land conservation in America
The Trust for Public Land is the only American nonprofit working exclusively to protect land for human enjoyment and well-being.
The American Farmland Trust works to stop the loss of productive farmland and promote farming practices that lead to a healthy environment.
Cooperative Land Ownership and Use. A series of webpages introducing: cooperative ownership of land; legal systems for land cooperatives and case study examples
Land Heritage Trust: The Trust seeks to acquire and own land in order to secure its organic status, creating new farming tenancies for first generation farmers and young families
Land for People promotes the establishment of Community Land Trusts in Wales for affordable housing, workspace, food growing or conservation purposes.
Burlington Community Land Trust (Vermont, USA) was the first municipally-funded community land trust. It is the largest CLT in the country with over 2,500 members and more that 640 rental properties. (Now part of the Champlain Housing Trust)
Institute for Community Economics pioneered the Community Land Trust model in the USA in the 1960s. It provides intermediary support to CTLs and facilitation services to a national network of over 150 CLTs in the USA and Canada.