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Social Land Ownership


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Core Principles Aims and Objectives Sharing Types of Social Landowners

Core Principles:

bulletThis web site is for popularly based civil society organisations who own, manage, lease or aspire to collectively own land.
bulletThese social landowners [or non-profit distributing property associations] display the co-operative values of self-help, self-responsibility, democracy, equality and solidarity.
bulletThey believe in the ethical values of honesty, openness, social responsibility, and caring for others and nature.
bulletThey subscribe to the principles of member democracy and participation, autonomy and independence, education, co-operation and concern for the community and nature.



to celebrate the size, diversity and range of patterns of common ownership that comprise the social land sector in various parts of the world.



share information and ideas


learn from each other


strengthen networking, communication and collaboration within the sector


encourage research into, and analysis of, the sector


stimulate growth and consolidation of the sector


The rich diversity of non-profit distributing organisations that make up the social land sector has enabled a variety of different approaches, methods and styles of ownership, management and implementation to be attempted. This has resulted in many valuable lessons and insights from which others can learn, and on which future progress can be built.

However, what the social land sector needs, and what this web site effectively inaugurates, is an electronic means through which this experimentation, innovation and informed criticism can be disseminated and shared with a wider audience of co-operators.

If you have case study materials which you think could be usefully included on this site then please get in touch - email to

This site facilitates and assists many types of social landowners amongst which are included:

Conservation, Amenity and Recreational Trusts CARTs
Community Property Associations CPAs
Housing Associations and Co-operatives  
Crofting and Farm Trusts and Co-operatives eg CWS Farms, Club Farms and Earthshare (Forres) in the UK
Community Woodland Associations  
Cultural Heritage Trusts eg Clan Donald Lands Trust in the UK
Sacred Lands eg owned by Faith Organisations
Sports Associations eg Golf Clubs and Playing Field Associations
Common Lands and Natural Resource Associations eg Birse Community Trust and Dornoch Firth Fisheries in Scotland
Local Government Common Good Properties

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