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Social Land Ownership

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In this section we offer some thought provoking ideas.

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Evidence from Burlington, Vermont (USA) Permanently Affordable Homeownership
Charles Warren (2002), ECOS Magazine, Volume 23(1), May 2002 Occupying the middle ground: The future of social landownership in Scotland
Simon Bilsborough (1995) Ecos Magazine, Volume 16 (3/4), 1995 (sister site) A Hidden History - Communal Land Ownership in Britain
Triodos Bank Press Release, 11 March 2003
(Sister site)
Finance the Real Barrier to Radical Land Reform in Scotland
Hamish Chenevix-Trench and Lorna Philip Community and Conservation Ownership in Highland Scotland
Andy Wightman and Graham Boyd NfP Assessment - Profiles and Review
Graham Boyd Social Auditing - A Method of Determining Impact
Andy Wightman and Graham Boyd NfP Constitution, Profiles and Future
The Not-for-Profit Landowners Group (Sept 1999) WHOLE ESTATE PLANS: the Framework Document
  The Communal Property Association Act of the Republic of South Africa
Roy Tylden-Wright The Dynamics of Partnership -A personal review of the workings of the Laggan Forest Partnership at the start of a new Millennium
Andy Wightman New Challenges for the Social Land Sector