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This site is sponsored by the Caledonia Centre for Social Development and has been prepared by a group of individuals with an interest in land reform, land administration, land ownership and land use.

Graham Boyd

Graham is a founding member of the Caledonia Centre for Social Development and specialises in community-led rural development. He was the Rural Development Officer for Scottish Natural Heritage's NW Region from 1993-97 where he was particularly involved with Rural Development Forestry and with Community Involvement in Natural Resource Management. More recently he has served as Projects Officer for the NFP Land Owners Group and has been an active member of the Community Development Partnership (CDP) in the Highlands



George Clark

George has been designing, managing and evaluating development projects at home and abroad for 25 years. He has practiced, and trained others in the use of, participatory methods in social development. He is presently Convenor of the Caledonia Centre for Social Development clark@srds.co.uk


David Reid

David has prepared case studies and reports on many rural, community-based environmental projects in the Highlands and has worked as an activist on several projects in his own community. He is author of several key publication concerning sustainable development.



Andy Wightman

Andy is a freelance writer and researcher specialising in landownership and rural development. He acts as an adviser to a range of organisations and individuals in both public and private sectors. The author of the highly acclaimed 'Who Owns Scotland' (Canongate, 1996) and 'Scotland: Land & Power' (Luath Press, 1999), he has written many reports and articles on land related topics. He is a leading advocate of land reform in Scotland and the foremost independent commentator on the issue. He is presently director of the CCSD Land Programme. andywightman@caledonia.org.uk




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