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Last update = 19/03/07

Regularly updating newsfeeds

Land Reform in Scotland - the Scottish Executive Website. Submit your own comments at www.scotland.gov.uk/landreform

The Community Right to Buy - your questions answered.
263 Kb pdf file

The Economist Of Property and Poverty (de Soto and land titling)
Jim Bennett Reflections on The Battle of Holmehill
Stuart Nicolson Gipsies demand for land-grab law sparks fury
Brian Wilson MP Game, set and match to the people


Simon Fraser Fragile communities which will be untouched by land reform
West Highland Free Press Prepare for action, Wilson tells other communities
West Highland Free Press Isles communities urged to become biggest landowners in Scotland
PLAAS Questioning the mythologies of Hernando de Soto
CCSD Community Right to Buy Consultation
The Economist China - Fat of the Land but only for a select few
Tony Carty and John Ferguson A Comparative Study of Land Purchase Standards in Scotland and Western Europe


Jamie Carpenter The Battle to Buy - Community Buyouts
Jeremy Watson Tally ho and two fingers to Holyrood
Patricia Ann Mallaby, UK Women's Land Rights Petition to the European Union
West Highland Free Press Potential to right historic wrongs
Iain Fraser Grigor Whose Loch?
Seth R. DeLong Chavez's Agrarian Land Reform: More like Lincoln than Lenin
Paulo A Paranagua Chávez launches farm offensive


Scottish Parliament Summary of Land Reform Acts of the Scottish Parliament - 1999 to 2003
West Highland Free Press Land fund will help make community dreams reality
Roger Hutchinson Land reform: Dangers in the vacuum of political debate
David Hencke and Rob Evans Royals must reveal EU subsidies
D. Macmillan, K. Thomson and B. Slee Land Reform in Scotland
Peter Gibb Buying Back Scotland
West Highland Free Press Land Reform Bill: Barriers to buy-outs are removed


Guardian UK Agricultural Subsidies
David Sellar Community Rights and Access to Land in Scotland
Neal Ascherson the ‘Highland Luxemburgist’ faction
John Murdoch The Highlander Newspaper
Danus Skene Own the Land and Use It
Torcuil Crichton Who owns Scotland?: A short-term answer
Ruth Wishart They ask not what they can give but what they can take


Torcuil Crichton and Andy Wightman Assynt Sale fuels tax-break row
  Newsfeed from the Scotsman added
Tanzania Wildlife Working Group A Plain Language Guide to the United Republic of Tanzania’s Land, Forest and Wildlife Laws and Policies
Bill Ritchie and Mandy Haggith The Push-Me-Pull-You of Forest Devolution in Scotland
John Bryden, and Charles Geisler Community Based Land Reform: Lessons from Scotland
Torcuil Crichton and Andy Wightman How Scotland’s landowners avoid paying at least £72m in tax
Robin Palmer Kenya Land Alliance having a difficult time


ERM & Scottish Executive Central Research Unit Ownership of Land Holdings in Rural Scotland
Registers of Scotland Sources of Land Ownership Information in Scotland
Perth and Kinross Fabian Society The Acreocracy of Perthshire: Who Owns Our Land?
James D Young John Murdoch: A Land and Labour Pioneer
Frank Thompson Land & The Highland Problem
J. M. Macdiarmid The Deer Forests - and how they are bleeding Scotland white
Charles Warren Scottish land reform: the first act


Charles Warren Scottish Land Reform: Time To Get Lairds A-Leaping? 
Danus Skene Am I a chauvinist paranoid?
D W Crowley The Crofters' Party
Jim Hunter HIE Chairman Speaks out on Land Reform
Tony Gosling Promised Land - Returning Land to It's Rightful Owners
Danus Skene SLP Rural Land Policy - A Discussion Paper
Matt Ridley Why the Highlands need the lairds' helping hand


Rob Gibson It's Scotland's Soil
T M Devine Land, Elites and People
George Monbiot Seize It Back - Land Reform in Britain
(Unknown) Land is Social Wealth
La Via Campesina and others Land: Commodity or Human Right?
Christopher Gasson Who Owns Britain
Colin Ward Is Our Land Theirs?


Labour Research Who Does Own Britain Today? - Land Ownership in the 1970s
Richard Leonard Who Owns Mid-Scotland and Fife?
John Bryden and Keith Hart Land reform, planning and people: an issue of stewardship
Drennan Watson What IF Land: Some general points on the benefits of small scale land owning
Lesley Riddoch Assynt, Eigg and other local heroes
Andy Wightman Scottish Land Reform and the fashionable notion of 'community'
Duke of Buccleuch Scottish 'land reform' is just shameless legalised theft


Lizette Alvarez Land Reforms in Scotland Give Big Estates the Jitters
Scottish Wildland News Who Owns Scotland?
Alastair McIntosh Land Reform and the Pavarotti Effect
Free Church of Scotland The Land Problem - Public Questions, Religion and Morals Report
International Development Review Property Rights and Poverty Alleviation in Central and Eastern Europe
Andy Wightman Land Reform (Scotland) Bill - Written Evidence to the Justice 2 Committee of the Scottish Parliament


wwf Scotland Land Reform in Scotland and the Multilateral Agreement on Investment
Jim Hunter Grasping the Nettle of Land Reform
Hugh Raven Land Reform: Pragmatism and Diversity
Graham Boyd 'What Evidence' said the one-eyed public policy maker? - A Brief Review of Recent Community Land Ownership Trends in Scotland
Fred Harrison The Whoops! Theory of Poverty
Simon Bilsborough A Hidden History - Communal Land Ownership in Britain
Triodos Bank Finance the Real Barrier to Radical Land Reform in Scotland


Book review Access to Land, Rural Poverty, and Public Action
HIDB Proposals for changes in the Highlands and Islands Development (Scotland) Act 1965 to allow more effective powers over rural land use
Brian Wilson MP Irreversible shift in public policy on land ownership
West Highland Free Press Squatters' rights - Cuillin mountains
Nick Kempe What Price Mountains?
Ian Bell Whose Land Is It Anyway?
Land and Liberty Women suffer divorce inequality over land


Alexander Mather The Moral Economy and Political Ecology of Land Ownership
Dr J A Carty Methods of Compulsory Purchase of Land in Europe
William Hinton Background Notes to FANSHEN - land reform in China
Prof Kenneth G C Reid Abolition of Feudal Tenure in Scotland (advert)
Rosemary Okello Men's Property - Why East African Women have No Land Rights
Peter Rosset The Good, the Bad and the Ugly - World Bank Policy on Land
Land Trust Alliance The land trust movement in the USA  (sister site)


Ramblers Association Briefing on Access Rights
Donald Dewar First Legislative Programme of the Scottish Parliament
Alistair Cant Whither Land Reform?
Gateway to ELDIS Linking land and property rights to poverty
Alison Hardie Call for new urban area 'right to buy'
James D Young Land, Labour and Homerule
Ian Carter The failure of a State Agency to implement Land Reform


Gordon Clark Public Ownership of Land in Scotland
Robin Palmer Farm Equity Schemes in South Africa
George Monbiot Land Troubles - Reason why Mugabe is not a demon
Hamish Chenevix-Trench & Lorna Philip Community and Conservation Ownership in Highland Scotland - a common focus in a changing context
Plaas and others The Pan-African Programme on Land and Resource Rights
FREE Hard copies of social landownership case studies - 3 volumes
Robin Callander The Forest of Birse Commonty


James Hunter Progressing Community Ownership and Promoting New Types of Rural Settlement
Andy Wightman and Graham Boyd NfP Landowning Sector Review
Highland and Islands Enterprise Response to "Land Reform: The Draft Bill"
John Bryden Land Tenure and Rural Development (1996 McEwen Lecture)
Alison Elliot The Highest Ideals
Frank W Rennie The Dingwall Agenda
Caledonia Centre for Social Development CCSD response to Scotland's Draft Land Reform Bill


Ramblers Association Access Legislation and draft Scottish Outdoor Access Code - Briefings
Scottish Executive and others Land Use Codes of Practice Public and private land
Peter Gibb Skye Blues -The seven challenging questions that need answers


Anders Andersen The Land Tenure System in Norway
Norwegian Government Norway: The Land Act
Patrick Duffy Southern Ireland
Tom Johnston Our Scots Noble Families - a general indictment
Church of Scotland Land Tenure and Use
Bill Macaskill Criminal speaks up in the fight to change unfair land system
Jim Dickson Eigg experience demonstrates why land holds key to development


James Hunter Return of the natives
Brian Wilson MP Recognising land as a vital part of our heritage
Alastair McIntosh Our land belongs to us
Robin Callander Still living under feudalism
Lord Robert Mercer-Nairne The cornerstone of any land reform package
Andy Wightman Do we want Scotland's finest landscapes controlled by a benign dictatorship?
George Monbiot Land rights - a call to arms


Jane Rosegrant Seeking a Better Life for the Children - Rural Resettlement Ireland
World Bank (Link) World Bank's Land Policy Network (with Newsletter)
SLRC White Paper on Land Reform - comment
[Book Reviews] Boyd & Reid, MacAskill, Wightman
Peter Gibb The Second Clearances


Toulmin & Quan Land Rights in Africa  (Book Review)
David Anderson Mugabe Is Right About Land Reform
Pauline Cameron New Opportunities Fund - Scottish Land Fund
Toulmin & Pepper Land Reform North and South
South African Government The Communal Property Association Act of the Republic of South Africa
UN Food and Agricultural Organisation Contemporary thinking on land reform 
Sir Crispin Agnew Crown Rights - The Paramount Superiority and the Abolition of Feudal Tenure Etc (Scotland) Bill


Robin Callander Property Law Reform and the Public Interest - The Abolition of Feudal Tenure & Related Proposals
Robin Harper MSP Land Links (to Brazil)
Various Land Reform in South Africa
Various authors The Caledonia Centre for Social Development's sister site with Case Studies of Social Land Ownership is now online.
Dr Jose Negrao The Mozambican Land Campaign, 1997-1999
Prof David McCrone Land, Democracy & Culture in Scotland - the 1997 McEwen Lecture
Prof Bryan Macgregor Land Tenure in Scotland - the 1993 McEwen Lecture


  About the Scottish Land Reform Convention
Ramesh Khadna Claiming the Land: Grassroots Advocacy in Nepal
Ed Iglehart Territory, Property, Sovereignty & Democracy in Scotland A Brief Philosophical Examination
Rt Hon Donald Dewar MP Land Reform for the 21st Century - the 1998 McEwen Lecture
Oxfam Land Rights in Africa - on the Oxfam website - illustrating people's current struggles to defend their land and the involvement of Oxfam, its partners and its allies in these struggles. http://www.oxfam.org.uk/landrights/
Robin Callander Property Law Reform and the Public Interest - The Abolition of Feudal Tenure & Related Proposals
Fred Harrison & Peter Gibb The Law of Whose Land?


Land & LIbertry The Land Project: A democratic revolution or quizotic escapade?
John Digney Giving the Land Away - the Final Solution
Andy Wightman Land Reform: Politics, Power and the Public Interest  - the 1999 McEwen Lecture
Graham Boyd A Response to the Land Reform Policy Group's  'Identifying the Solutions' (Orange Paper) of September 1998


Various Social Land Ownership Case Studies
George Clark Making best use of Land
Graham Boyd Tweeds, drams and ponies: bulldozing the sporting estate image from benevolent rural institution to modern commercial business
Graham Boyd The prince, the merchant and the citizen: the need for a strategic approach to the social land ownership sector
Graham Boyd To restore the land to the people and the people to the land - the emergence of the not-for-private profit landownership sector in the Highlands and Islands of Scotland
Graham Boyd Land Reform and the Failure of Government: Lessons from Scottish Civil Society
Selected authors The McEwen Lectures